The Festival Your View is the only art event showcasing all aspects of Deaf culture. The 7th edition extends over four days, from Thursday 2 to Sunday, July 5, 2015! The festival aims to promote deaf artists and deaf culture, to promote access to culture for everyone and to provide an educational and artistic program for the youth.

    The festival was founded in the same year of ‘The European Year of People with Disabilities’ in 2003 by CinéSourds Association and directed by David de Keyzer. The main aim was to promote the diversity and the worldwide richness of Deaf culture. Its philosophy was based on supporting Sign Languages values and the capacity they have in producing real masterpiece.
    Even though deaf people meet from all over the world, the Clin d’Oeil festival is not just for deaf people as it welcomes the wider public to provide and heighten awareness of a multi linguistic community.
    The festival will feature international artistic creations and some bilingual pieces (spoken language and sign language).

    Clin d’Oeil is an event where disability is neither forgotten nor underlined. It is a place, which encourages the cultural diversity and the respect of individual expression.

    While being open to other international countries, in 2007 the Clin d’Oeil Festival started a special honour for a particular country in order to explore the foreign culture. Russia was the first guest country in 2007 followed by Australia in 2009 and the United-States in 2011 before Japan in 2013. Clin d’Oeil works with the embassies of the guest countries in order to invite their artists to the festival.

    For 2015, the guest country will be Mexico and Clin d'Oeil will welcome the mexican company SYV "Seña y Verbo teatro de sordos".

    Artistic diversity !

    The Clin d’Oeil Festival’s official program is packed with more than 20 short films and a few documentaries, more than 50 art exhibitors, more than 20 theatre shows. In addition there are also the street performances and the Deaf Party featuring musical performances

    Many international professional and amateur companies come to the Festival in order to show their talents, including: theatre, stand-up comedy, one-man shows, poetry, dance, Visual Vernacular.
    Each show is presented in their native language. Some of them are also bilingual, which allows the access to the hearing public.
    Street theatre changing face! It will now be in a new designated place: The ‘Clin d’Oeil Village’ created for the festival featuring Magic, Juggling, Dance and many other activities!
    The village will be open to both the public and the citizens of Reims, brimming with social atmosphere including snack bars where everyone can meet each other.
    It is a tradition of the festival to feature a film competition where six awards will be presented for the best film, deaf director, actress, actor, film animation and virtual special effects.
    These awards are decided by a jury of professionals and awarded at the official ceremony on Saturday July 4th from 6.00pm at the Comédie de Reims followed by a cocktail reception.
    The films will be projected in several cinema rooms from 9.00am to 7.00pm during the three days of the festival.
    International artists from countries far away will display their creativity talents at the Festival: photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewellery, crafts, etc
    Professional artists will display their products at the exhibition hall alongside with other services available for the deaf and hard of hearing.
    This year, theatre companies will also have the opportunity to have their own stand to publicise themselves.
    Access to the exhibitions inside the Congress Centre is free and open on Friday and Saturday from 10.00am to 6.00pm, Thursday from 2.00pm to 6.00pm and Sunday until 5.00pm.
    Few people know or imagine that deaf people can produce music and feel it. However, deaf or hearing impaired musicians and dancers will highlight the potential of sign language in music every night of the festival at Village Clin d'Oeil.
    The music will rock and make the spectators dance to the rhythms of the festival bass and drums on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 20h to 3h morning!



    New ! This year we open seminars to the public that purchased a PASS, within the limit of available seats.

    Only on booking ! 

    Place : Saint–Exupéry Centre (120 places)

    There will offered 4 seminars :

    Seminar Theatre

    In 2013, the Clin d’Oeil Festival has developed a seminar about theatre in sign language. Exchanges between regional structures and European theatre companies in sign language have helped to make each other aware about their projects.

    1/ Theatre in sign language

    2/ Sign language in the marionette

    Hours : 10:00 to 11:30

    Seminar Cinema

    Since 2005, the Festival has organized « panel discussions of filmmakers » where the conditions for integration of deaf filmmakers in the world of cinema have been discussed.

    1/ Subtitles on television

    2/ The new broadcasting resources : VOD, YouTube

    Hours : 13:45-14:45


    L’oeil et la main celebrates its 20th anniversary of existence!

    The edition team invites you to discover the work and the philosophy of the program TV. It will be planned an exchange with directors of the program TV and interviewers present in the program TV.

    Hours : 15:00-15:30


    SignMedia Smart is an innovative application for the Deaf media professionals that can help the communciation in British, Austrian, Italian and Swedish sign languages. This one hour presentation will be followed by a debate involving some french and foreign media professionals.

    Hours : 16:00-17:00

    Stands Pros

    In 2013, we had 20 companies, associations and writers who participated in having a professional stand at the Festival.

    They can enjoy a special area (which is distinct to the art exhibitors’ one) in order to sell or inform people about their products and activities.

    Please join the professional stands and discover our 3 propositions concerning the stands and the sales terms.

    * If you wish to present exemplary projects in terms of universal accessibility.

    * If you are searching for technical or commercial partners.

    * If you are an actor to the accessibility movement and if you wish to inform about it
    through our different communication tools.

    Special rates are offered to associations.

    This year, the theatre companies will also have their own stand to raise its profile and sell their shows.

    For extra questions, please contact: contactez contact@clin-doeil.eu
    The access to the professional stands is free and open every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Congress Centre – a reception with interpreters is situated quite close to it.

    Télécharger les dossiers


    In 2013, we had 50 journalists from France and other countries around the globe.

    This year, we are expecting even more! It is a unique opportunity for journalists to see so many artists, festival goers and other guests all in the same place.

    To do this, download now the press accreditation and send it to us duly signed and completed, by mail or by email before 31 May 2015.

    On the first floor of Congress Centre ("The Great Nef") where you will arrive there is a press booth where we will give you your badge and a Press Kit (with detailed festival schedule, rehearsal schedules of artists and Sitemap with details of every important event) to help you plan interviews.

    For further queries, please contact Ombeline Laurent by telephone +33 03 26 05 45 50 or by email atcommunication@clin-doeil.eu
    Press platform available on the Congress Centre 1st floor.

    Follow us on Facebook !

    Download files


    Clin d’Oeil Festival is keen to see enhanced accessibility.

    The Festival is committed to sign an Accessibility Charter supporting various disabilities and to have it signed by Ms. Fleur Pellerin, Minister of Culture and Communication, as well as all territorial divisions supporting the Festival.
    The Festival has developed a close relationship with various disability organisations to ensure the highest levels of accessibility for various disabilities is achieved. These organisations are : Risp, MFP, Accessus, Accès Sans Cible, AccesVisuel and Association Valentin Haüy.

    Clin d'Oeil has become a reference in terms of easy access for any type of disability.

    Whether you are deaf or hearing, we will have interpreter graduates French/French Sign Language (LSF) available to be used.

    This free service has been made possible with the help of partnerships with different interpretering services.

    We will be providing an ‘Accompanying Service’ which will be available from the Convention Centre. This service is designed for people with Usher Syndrome, Blindness, physical disabilities.
    As per the Charter mentioned above, we will have available;

    * Palantype : the simultaneous written transcription of speech and debates (in French and English).
    * Loop : in every single performance hall.
    * Informative videos in International Sign, available with subtitles in French and English.
    * Orientations and tactile guiding paths.

    We will be launching our first ever Mobile App, which will be free to download, just before the festival 2015.

    The App will include features such as :
    * An interactive map.
    * A notification every time there is a new « flash-info » during the Festival.
    * A vibrating alarm to remind you of event times.


    The festival will be held across 4 days instead of 3.

    The journey of Thursday 2nd July will be deducated to seminars open to the public, to the opening of the art exhibition and to the Village and Clin d’Oeil. The ticket office will be open from Thursday afternoon in the Congress Centre and La Comédie.

    IMPORTANT: On the evening ,with your PASS 4 days (groups from 1 to 4), you can go to the comedy for the Festival Opening Ceremony. For the groups from 5 to 20, you still can enjoy the ceremony that will be broadcasted on the big screen at the Village Clin d’Oeil

    Find US

    There are different ways to get to the Festival Clin d’Oeil. You can drive (individually or in a carpool), you can fly or come by train.

    For the car ride Paris-Reims-Paris, enjoy our partnerships with Tripndrive rental car from an individual to the airport or train station) and Rentingcars (high quality private service transport and hire car with driver ).

    • A4 – E50 (Paris – Strasbourg-Allemagne)
    • A26 – E17 (Lille – Lyon-Méditerranée)
    • A34 – E46 (Ardennes – Belgique)
    Highway exit n°23 «Reims centre »

    Your itinerary:

    You can come by carpooling and search for drivers or passengers here:

    Park and ride
    For only 3€ a day, you can park your car and continue your trip to the city-center by Tram or by Bus.

    Parking meter
    3,000 spaces split up into 2 areas:
    - Red zone: 1. 40 €/h (limited to 2 hours)
    - Green zone: 0. 70 €/h (limited to 5 hours)
    2 possibilities of payment:- by cash (minimum of 0, 40 €) or – e-money, parking streets sold at the park’s payment service,17 ilotJadart

    19 parks in the city-center out of a total a total of 2053 spaces (undercovered) are managed by the Mayor and 5 (underground)managed by the Champagne Parc Auto society.

    Free parking
    Stadium park: 300 spaces.

    Reims is about 45 min away from Paris Gare de l’est and about 30 min away from Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport by the train TGV European East.
    * Reims Center train station (about few minutes by walking from the Congress Centre)
    * Reims Champagne-Ardenne train station (about 8 km away from Reims centre, in tramway)

    The festival is a partner of Air France and KLM to offer cheaper travel.
    Discounts are applied to a wide range of airfares on all Air France & KLM flights worldwide , subject to travel in Business Class or Economy.
    Login to www.airfranceklm-globalmeetings.com with the code and the Flying Blue card number that you will find below:

    • Identification Code : 22573AF

    Attention: The discount is valid from 27 June to 10 July 2015 and you can buy your ticket 11 months before the festival, or from late August 2014

    Directions from Airport :
    • Airport Roissy Charles De Gaulle
    • Airport Paris-Orly
    • Airport Beauvais BVA

    • Airport Paris-Vatry

    From the airport to Reims: You can take the RER train line or the bus to go to « Gare de l’Est » train station, then take the train to Reims. There is also a direct train line from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport to the train station Champagne Ardenne (30min).

    Where to sleep ?

    If you come to Reims for several days, of course you need a place to sleep. Reims has several hotels and campsites; you can see the list below.

    If you are a camper, you also have a parking space close to the CIS.

    Hotels listBooking


    You can buy your PASS online from now by clicking on one of the options of your choice!

    Prices vary depending on which PASS you choose.

    This year, we propose a PASS 4 days including the Opening Ceremony on Thursday night, for the groups from 1 to 4. The groups from 5 to 20 having a pass 4, can enjoy the ceremony that will be broadcasted in a big screen in the Festival Village.

    You can pay by:

    - 1 / Visa or MasterCard
    - 2 / Paypal
    - 3 / Bank transfer

    You have an option to pay in installments by direct debits.
    If you have any questions, please contact us: inscription@clin-doeil.eu
    Prices are indicated in Euro, including all taxes. They are not refunded regardless of the reason. They can be exchanged for fees of 10€ per booking.

    • On Thursday 2nd July: from 1.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
    • On Friday 3rd July: from 9 a.m.to 7 p.m.
    • On Saturday 4th July: from 9 a.m.to 7 p.m.
    • On Sunday 5th July: from 9 a.m.to 12 am
    Print your electronic ticket that you have received by email, to recollect your PASS at the reception of Centre des Congrès or Comédie.

    Children / Teen workshops presentation

    We know that extra-curricular activities throughout the year are rarely accessible to deaf children.

    Yet art and culture are part of the development and growth from childhood to teenager.

    Therefore, the Festival seeks to fill this gap and has offered since 2005 an artistic educational program through professional performing arts (dance, theater, mime, clowning, etc. ..).

    They all come from different countries making these multicultural and plurilingual workshops.

    From Thursday 2nd evening or from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July 2015, supervised by qualified instructors, the younger generation will discover and learn the concepts in theatre, circus and dance. They will close the workshops by creating their own show, which they will perform on Sunday 5th July

    The Festival Clin d'Oeil offers its workshops since 2005 for children aged from 6 to 13 years.
    In 2015, will have workshops for teenagers aged from 14 to 17 years.

    These young people will be experiencing a real festival and taste the artistic and cultural diversity

    To know about the tariffs and to book directly online : Visit the Pass Workshops Children on ticketing webpage For all specific information, write us at: children@clin-doeil.eu

    When ?
    From Thursday 2nd July night or Friday 3rd July, 9 a.m. to Sunday 5th July, 6 p.m.
    For those who will arrive on Thursday 2nd July, meet in the recepetion of Centre Saint-Exupéry between 18:45-19:45

    Where ?
    Accommodation place : CREPS
    Workshop venues : Centre Saint-Exupéry

    Become partner

    Support the Festival in the form of sponsorship or patronage.

    In addition to the visibility offered by the sponsorship, you can also become a patron who supports a specific action/cause of the festival and get your name check at the opening ceremony.

    • Enjoy a personalised welcome and priority access to ticketing to the Festival and complimentary access to VIP events.

    • Meet other players in the deaf culture, art, accessibility, etc., who may become your potential partners.

    • Market your organisation quickly and easily by promoting your website and your logo on our communication tools.

    Find all of our offers in the partnership file and contact us for any question:
    communication@clin-doeil.eu / 09 72 44 47 02.



    Festival Clin d’Oeil

    Association CinéSourds
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    Mail : contact@clin-doeil.eu
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